I came from Lorien to this planet years ago. I went to Narnia, I defeated the Galactic Empire, I fought in the Hunger Games, I defeated Kronos, I defeated Voldemort, I traveled with the Doctor, I hunted demons, I believed in Sherlock, I traveled with Arthur Dent, I was stuck in Storybrooke, I pulled Excalibur from the stone and now I'm on my way to Mordor. I am Lois. I'm in the Night's Watch. I am 17. And this is my blog. Don't panic. May the force be with you, and may the odds be EVER in your favor.
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If Harry Potter movies were titled by the clothes he wear…


-Harry Potter and My Hogwarts Uniform.


-Harry Potter and I defeated the Basilisk with my Hogwarts Uniformimage

-Harry Potter and I met my godfather with a blue shirtimage

-Harry Potter and The red shirt I wear all the movieimage

-Harry Potter and I wear that blue shirt againimage

-Harry Potter and I wear that blue shirt againimage

-Harry Potter and I changed the blue shirt for the red oneimage

-Harry potter and I will confront my fate with my old blue shirt.image

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Sirius Black high-fiving Lily Evans every time she raises her hand in class.

Sirius asking James to high five her when he is too sick to come to class.

Remus Lupin doing it with a sigh and an immediate apology when neither Sirius or James is available.

Peter being overly enthusiastic about being asked to do it, and slapping Lily in the face by accident.